Le discours du poli p'ti chien
Watercolor on Arches paper, varnished with acrylics 18 x 14 in
45,72 x 35,56 cm    
The speech of the politician
(poli p'ti chien = shine small dog)
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This is a usual scene in our nice democratic life : "The politician's speech". Actors and spectators are ready, the show may begin. "Poli p'ti chien" is a wordplay created with the French phonetic word "politicien" (politician) and cannot be translated. The French word "poli" means "polite" and "p'ti chien" means "little dog".

Here is the most important character of the scene. He can be easily identified by his long razor-sharp teeth, as a result of an intense genetic handling aimed at using his words to eat his most fearsome opponents.
It is normal that a politician climbs on someone's head to deliver his speech since politics is usually the perfect place for confrontation, not for cooperation.
The crowd of followers is filled with wonders by those fairy-tale like promises. Note the graphic style (numerous dots) created by using a wide brush on the rough surface of the watercolor paper.
Just in front, but lower than the poli p'ti chien, we see a regular member that multiple speech transformed to the point where he is now looking to follow the footsteps of his master.
Here mounted on its hind legs, he practices 'the beautiful', the perfect trick to gain the master's favors. What talent anyway!

To the right and in the background, hidden behind the crowd of followers, one can perceive the one who pulls the strings: the Gray Eminence.
Can you see with its large top hat?

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