Acrylic on canevas 40 x 30 in
102 x 76 cm    
Last Supper
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Cène, which comes from the Latin word cena or dinner, is the name which, in the Christian religion, is attributed to the meal which Jesus shared with his twelve apostles in the evening of Holy Thursday, before Jewish Passover and the day before his arrest by the Roman soldiers.   It is the day after this  Last Supper that he was led to his crucifixion.

It is during this last meal that he would have raised towards the sky a loaf of bread by saying  This is my body.  He would then have raised towards the sky a cup of wine by saying  Drink you all of it, for this is My blood, the blood of the eternal Alliance, poured for the multitude, for the forgiveness of the sins. Make this in memory of me !

The Christians always pursue this tradition during their religious ceremonies.   It is the solemn moment which usually peaks the mass and which is named  Offertory. The celebrant offers to God the bread and the wine in memory of the Christ.  He shares afterward with faithful this food dedicated during what is called the Eucharist.

Two famous paintings represent the Last Supper.  This is the work of 
Leonardo da Vinci (1495-1498), ) which is in the church 
Santa Maria delle Grazie of Milan: 
La dernière Cène de Léonard de Vinci
image de La dernière Cène de Salvador Dalil
and that of  Salvador Dali, which is wall one realized from 1494 till 1498, measuring 460 x 880 cms and which is considered the masterpiece. This work was realized in the tempera and thrones in the dining hall of the Dominican convent of ... guess where?  ... Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, just like that of Léonard de Vinci!!!

According to Michel Champagne, who was conservative to the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec (Canada),   Last Supper of Raymond Leclerc is one of his masterworks.  However, Jesus and his apostles have given way to a contemporary scene: the inescapable sharing last essential resources in life.    We can see the American Eagle, gigantic and thirsty, the Eagle is ready for anything to obtain what it desires. 

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