Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 in
102 x 76 cm    
The burden of proof
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Leclerc started The burden of proof the day he received a letter from the Department of Justice.  This letter announced him the date of the trial which he instituted to his old picture framer because he had broken the material  which he had confided him. That is, for Leclerc, the kind of event that he does likeand even he hates. Here is a very interesting fact that he told me Saturday, November 10, 2007, the night he ended this picture.

The day before, Leclerc one had gone to the print shop at Baie-Saint-Paul to complete the printing of the book My New Surrealisim. When he entered in the place, he noticed a man sitting near the left wall, at the end of the corridor. A woman, who was facing the man with whom she conversed, hiding the receptionist who was standing behind the counter. Leclerc walked near them, he threw them a friendly glance, greeted them with a nod and, stepped forward yet to reach the counter. The receptionist was on the phone conversation.

The image of man on the chair went in her memory. He turned back to him. Both looked at each other for several seconds.

- I know you, said Leclerc.

- Oh no ! I told myself that for once, I would not be recognized.

- You were Clerk small claims court in La Malbaie, I think. I have precisely one appointment to the small claims court on Monday. I have a legal case waiting for almost a year.

After Leclerc had given him an explanation, the old clerk replied:

- The burden of proof ! You will have the burden of proof!

- You may not believe me, Leclerc replied, but I'm to finish a painting whose title is The burden of proof !.

The next day ...
The summons for the trial indicated 10 am but at 9 am, Leclerc was pacing the street, in front of the courthouse in La Malbaie. A radiant sun warmed somewhat chilly weather in mid-November and magnified the superb panorama before him.
Arrival of the judge, all the people rose up and waited until it was either sitting. A Clerk, with accents from Maritimes Provinces, Sworn protagonists and, turning to Raymond Leclerc, the judge said:
- It is you, Mr. Leclerc, that claim has been injured?
It is you who have the burden of proof!

And I swear to now, dear readers, all this happened exactly like that!
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