Acrylique sur toile 30 x 36 po
76,5 x 91,5 cm
Let's keep only the gas, Jeez!
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No clothes to put on, no place to go by car, but… the motor must run, even when stationary !
This man is lucky, he has been able to get the sacred gas, directly from a flying drilling platform.

At first sight, what comes to our attention in this painting are this torrent and this huge fall. Leclerc makes here a humorous portrait of our American way of living, where pleasure, economy and car are more important than the planet’s survival. In the center of the painting and from top to bottom, we can imagine, in bright colours, a huge dollar sign whose vertical bar would be the hose of gas aerial tanker.

The scenery suggests a jam of urban structures from which would emanate huge gas torches. Everything seems to float in a mist whose noxious effects we can suspect. While the whole scenery seems to be driven by torrential waves, an unfathomable abyss gives the observant a real vertigo.

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