Il faut savoir monter
et descendre à temps
Watercolor on Arches paper and varnished with acrylic.
Approx. 22 x 29 in
Approx. 55,8 x 73,5 cm    
You must learn to climb and alight at time
Listen to the electronic text.

Two trains swoop down on us! Do you see them?
A man stands on the roof of the train the lower right. He failed to get on time!
To the left of the train, under the eyes of the main character, two newlyweds were unable to get off in time. They now find themselves squatting in a cemetery. The man is terrified because he has just seen a crocodile on his left.

Top right, a man loses his head when he sees what time it is. It has a clock hanging on one leg.

To the left and to the middle of the work, find the dentures. Just below him is a former from the Canadiens hockey player who thinks he has forgotten this on the counter of the house before going to the game.

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