Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in
76,5 x 102,5 cm   
At lunch time
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The last survivors to the climatic changes gather at lunch time, everyone on his own island, in a magnifiscent scenery. While the waterfall comes down, the B.B.Q. fumes arise.

A very beautiful light, a wild flow torrent, ghostly houses and those big towers which force the perspective are some of the elements that give life to this image. Between the two towers, a very uncommon structure evoking a tangle of people (in dark tones) ends with a man holding a huge globe (in light colours).

The optical effect is interesting. If we perceive this zone as a tangible object, we see the man and the globe; but if we consider it as a continuation of the fall and the ground, this zone looses its attribute of individual object to merge into the landscape.

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