Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in
76,5 x 102,5 cm
At the Eagle passage
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Question: Is it moral to send to the electric chair a person who has committed a murder and not to do the same for the leaders of countries who are sending to the slaughterhouse thousands of people under false pretenses?
Don't get angry, it's just a question, after all!

In the last two centuries, nothing has created as many wars as religions, nationalisms, and oil. In fact, the most powerful leaders of this world have very often used religion to propel their thirst for domination. We only have to think how the leaders of some countries went to war under the false pretext of protecting their nations from terrorists.

After it was made public that these leaders knew effectively, before starting the war, that the countries they were going to destroy had played no part in the attack of 11 September 2001 and they also knew that these countries they were attacking did not possess any weapons of mass destruction, they simply changed a lie for another: 'We will set up democracy!' They'll be happy! They're going to get us with flowers! Not only will no democracy come out of this warlike action, but in addition, the world will never have been as unsafe as after these unspeakable butcheries.

In addition to these large-scale murders, we must also denounce the incredible pollution caused by these troop movements as well as the thousands of bombs. How many patients could have been cured with the money engulfed in a single day of war? How much research and technological developments could have been funded to move us from the oil era to the post-oil era. Only for the year 2000, military spending in the world amounted to the US $1204 billion. The United States alone spent 529 billion, or 46% of the total for this butchery. That the weapons and reconstruction factories in the United States rejoice! They are not considered the enemies of the greats of this world, quite the contrary! When the eagle passes, his friends send his hand, but others take out the weapons. If you voted for the Eagle, are you proud of it today?
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