Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24 in
76,3 x 61 cm  
From Earth to Heaven.
Listen to the electronic text.
Nothing more to dress itself, more place to go, almost nothing to eat.
We don't care if we can still take care of his car!

 The three-dimensional effect is remarkably well accomplished in this work, especially when looking at the zoned located between the floor of the house and the staircase. From Earth to Heaven rise the toxic scents we produce with so much generosity.
In its descent, a snow-flow seems to really float.  On the house, the shadows and the lights create a joyful atmosphere.  In the center and the left of the image, an arch door opens the background of the landscape to an inner world. Smoke from all sources goes up to the skies;  They paint a bunch of winding paths sometimes ending in fairy shapes.

The background frame consists of a lace of multi-colored lights that have the appearance of glass beads. Houses and trees appear here and there. Of this picture emerges a lot of energy. This is due to the furious rhythm of the objects rising to the sky, in opposition to the currents of moist lights that point to the earth. An overlay of transparent colors applied by smear gives a muffled and powdery appearance.  Notice the incredible variety of colors and hues.
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