Acrylique sur toile 30 x 24 po
76,3 x 61 cm
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At the end of 2015, 1% of the richest possessed as much as 99% of the world's population!
For about twenty years I have been examining our world's evolution, both from the point of view of certain individuals or groups monopolizing richness and of environmental changes. A few years ago, exhausted by the catastrophic situation we are running into, I even produced a website:, which I stopped developing because very few people wanted to take the time to see the quagmire we still are sinking into, year after year.We prefer to believe in the power of our good friend Mr. They-Will Find, famous magician who, at the end, will take out of his hat the miraculous solution. So, as lazy intellectual and physical indivuduals, we can continue our great American dream of infinite prosperity!

We are at a crossroads and we have not yet seen how urgent it is to radically shift to 180 degrees if we hope to have yet a small chance that humanity will survive our utopia of eternal growth in a world where Resources are limited and pollution can not be dumped by whole mountains by continuing to believe that we in the rich countries will not suffer any consequences! Perhaps we could believe that some thirty years ago, but nowadays we have to be unconscious to pretend that we will not run fast to our death. To create a change of direction for my fellow citizens, a few years ago I produced another site which, this time, focuses on what seems to touch the hearts of people: the economy. For the same reasons as for my previous site, I removed it from the Web. But, I placed on this site a page of the deceased This page is directly related to the Illuminatis. You can discover 4 videos about banks and monetary creation (in French):

Among those who stubbornly refuse to see reality, there are especially the rich (I am speaking of the very rich), for the very wealthy believe for the most part that their scraps of paper will provide them with immunity when will accelerate "The BIG WORLD DISORDER" (which is in progress!). Good luck to you, the rich; You will realise in the end that money it can not be eaten!

To get back to our sheep, you know the Illuminatis theory? Here is an article on Wikipedia.

For Illuminatis, (the work you are currently viewing) I will not produce animated analysis, as I would prefer you to do your own analysis by carefully examining the content.

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