Acrylique sur toile 30 x 36 po
76,5 x 91,5 cm
Total rejection
Listen to the electronic text.
The earth, the sea, and the atmosphere are saturated by our rubbish.  We thought that our planet would absorb our garbage until the end of the world!

We were right, here is the end of the world!  Now, the planet returns to us what we imposed her, « with our great generosity ».  Her mouth rejects a battleship while the last survivals, most happy still to possess their trivia, continue refusing to see what is happening around.  They hid among their valuables, as far as possible from the problems they generated and from their unfortunate fellows who are not part of their castes. 

Not to see the reality, not to see the reality above all!  It would be too much for so pure and sensitive souls like ours.  Let us do like Nero : let us play the violin, surely locked inside.
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