Acrylique on canvas 30 x 36 in
76,5 x 91,5 cm   
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Solitude is the first in a series dealing with the madness of men, a madness that has led us to wars, scandalous disparities and climate change.  

Usually, Raymond Leclerc begins his surrealist works by a random process: he paints on a canvas placed behind his back or he places a Chiffon-J on it to obtain hazardous effects, etc.  This way, he can answer by a subconscious reaction to the material.     It is a process similar to that used by a psychoanalyst who exhibits cardboards on which are printed spots and where one could think of a dog, a summer night or his mother-in-law. 

However, as Raymond Leclerc had prepared to paint a landscape and not a surrealist work, he began this piece with a traditional technique.  In spite of this, during his elaboration, what emerged from it was astonishingly descriptive of the state in which the artist was at the time, that is to say alone for several years but wishing to establish a new relationship In love, and prone to depression by seeing our world crumbling so quickly.

The fisherman in a precarious position, as well as a fall pretending to throw himself into a bottomless pit, give vertigo.

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