Acrylic on canvas 55 x 59 in
136.7 x 150 cm    
All for one
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When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced the imposition of draconian austerity measures against Greece, I remember saying to my wife: "There are totally crazy! They strangle the goose with the hope that lay eggs. They will just kill her."

In fact, can we find people more greedy than banks, whether private or state as the IMF or the ECB, and their friends the wealthy, for whom they work? By forcing states to divest to nothing of all that is most profitable (airports, ports, bridges, energy, etc.), they deprive them of any opportunity to restore their financial balance. It is well known: the most powerful world leaders work for their friends when they nationalize the losses and privatizing the profits to the wealthiest 1%.

This is what he did during the 2008 crisis by rescuing banks with the money of the poor, while those responsible for this massacre were paying themselves bonuses joyful. You can still see the same scenario today (2017) at the Bombardier's airplanes manufacturer, in Québec. After receiving about $ 3 billion of public funds to save them from bankruptcy, their executives have granted himself wage increases of about 48%. Why? Because they have a big talents! While the overall Canadian population was outraged, they where defended with force by the chief of the incapables, I call here the very dishonorable Philippe Couillard, Quebec Premier!

The world is like today: we are slaves who work for the 1% richest of the planet that have never enough to feel comfortable. And as Gandhi said: "There is enough in the world to meet human needs, but not enough to satisfy his greed!"

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